How You Can Help

A great way to help promote my music is by sharing one or all of the images below. You can instagram, facebook, tweet, or even "pin" them. And if you write a blog I'd especially love a little side-bar love with one of the buttons below. 

I'd also LOVE to add you to my street team. The main projects I need help with is poster hanging and merch selling. But occasionally I'll need a little something more. Know that if you sign up - you are not expected to do anything - it just means that if (hopefully when) I play a show near you then I'll be emailing you to see if you can help out. And if you choose to help then you will definitely be rewarded. Past rewards have been handmade items by me, un-released songs, free tickets, free merch, and the best of all - yummy muffins! To join click HERE!

Another great way to promote indie artists like myself is to email your friends about a show coming up in your area, or maybe plan a "girls night" at a concert. And if you are really serious about spreading the word - you can buy a 5-pack of CD's (right HERE) and give them to people that you think would enjoy them. AND - if you do that, email me to let me know ( and I will hook you up with a free goodie!

And lastly, probably the all-time best way of promoting is to host a house concert at your home. If you are interested in hosting one CLICK HERE and fill out the form.

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If none of these options feel right for you but you have some other ideas you'd like to run by me... by all means - let me know your idea!! 

and last but not least you can also check out widgets and banners of my music right HERE.