"There's so much good about this record I can't single out every strong song. There's emotional highs, sassy rock n' roll ones, quiet singer-songwriter confessionals and impressive, soulful vocals. "What Love is All About" is the whole package."
- Courtney Devores


In late 2013 Reeve Coobs put out her first full-length solo album. The album had taken nine years to put out and it turned out exactly the way she wanted it to sound. But - there is something to be said about listening to the evolution of a song. This EP has six early home recordings of songs that ended up on What Love is All About. Most of these songs are very lo-fi, one take records made in Reeve's bedroom from when she lived on 35th St. in NoDa as well as the photos.

If you are a fan of "What Love is All About" then you will thoroughly enjoy listening to the original new-born versions of these songs.

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